At the Royal Botanical Gardens..


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A visit today to the Royal Botanical Gardens.. My favourite was the lily pond with it’s reflections. Are those lotus flowers? If yes, why not call it a lotus pond?


The fist pointing to the lovely flower, I learned today, is the way you point to a flower. Never point a finger when indicating a flower. Who knew!

The cute vegetable creations were part of a competition at the gardens for children. We got to see the creations just about to be judged. I’d say they are all winners! The Green Thumb Club at the Royal Botanical Garden is meant to get children involved in gardening. They certainly had some amazing veggies to show for their interest and effort!

Loved this sign..


And then there were these beauties…..

But these are my favourites of the day! The sculpture is called Rejoicing Family by Taurai Mutigwa (Zimbabwe) and is part of The International Sculpture Collection currently on at the RBG. The other two I rejoice are family!


Along the way – BMO field


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En route home from Ontario Place to the streetcar stop we passed the BMO field. There was a football match (also known as soccer) going on. If only I could replay the roar of the crowds when they were cheering.. Oh my! Such a primal and moving sound! Phew. Here are a couple of shots of the crowds in the nose bleed sections. Man, they are really high up in the stadium.

Love the streetcar decked out with the neat dragon of the beer commercial.


Ontario Place is back…


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A newly revitalized Ontario Place is back. A work in progress but great space to have back again. This new version is a green, gentle and peaceful space. Free to all to walk through and enjoy. And we did. Got to see many different views of the city that we hadn’t ever seen before. Definitely plan to go back. Hear that the Cinesphere is going to reopen as well! I saw my first ever IMAX movie there and loved every minute of it. Looking forward that reopening as well.

“School Grown” food!


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At the Junction farmer’s market a stall named “School Grown“. Intrigued, I decided to chat with the young folks running the stall and buy some produce. Turns out it is a neat idea – a schoolyard farming project in 3 TO schools involving the students! I bought some greens called Mizuna. Huh? I knew we didn’t get as many diverse greens as there are possible to eat, but these took the cake. Apparently they are also called Japanese mustard greens or spider mustard. Ugh, I wish I hadn’t looked that up. 😦 Bitter but yum. I stir fried them with a little oil. Rather fibrous. Next time I will blanch them first and then stir fry them. Definitely worth a visit to the market to support the youngsters working at the stall!!