“School Grown” food!


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At the Junction farmer’s market a stall named “School Grown“. Intrigued, I decided to chat with the young folks running the stall and buy some produce. Turns out it is a neat idea – a schoolyard farming project in 3 TO schools involving the students! I bought some greens called Mizuna. Huh? I knew we didn’t get as many diverse greens as there are possible to eat, but these took the cake. Apparently they are also called Japanese mustard greens or spider mustard. Ugh, I wish I hadn’t looked that up. 😦 Bitter but yum. I stir fried them with a little oil. Rather fibrous. Next time I will blanch them first and then stir fry them. Definitely worth a visit to the market to support the youngsters working at the stall!!


What a cloud!!!


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This huge cloud just floated in front of my building for a good half hour. The moon peeking out from behind it was priceless. Like it was also amazed at this giant of a cloud. Luckily the cloud just looked gorgeous, picking up colours of the sunset and did not cause any bad weather.

Roses on the balcony…


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This year the mother wanted just a Rose plant and a Jasmine plant. That’s it, she said. That is not including the mint, chilli and other assorted plants she grows anyway. 🙂 The rose plant gave us beautiful blooms within the first two weeks – there were about 10 buds on the plant when we bought it. Hope we get more blooms over the summer….


Puzzling Positano!


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Recently I went to the DeSerres art store with ma petite sœur looking to buy some art supplies or even one of the adult colouring books that are so popular these days but found this!! A jigsaw puzzle with a shot of Positano, Italy. I gave a squeal of joy on recognizing this beautiful place.  The 500 pieces are big, so it was easy to finish till I hit the buildings in the picture. 😦 It was going to be a long process. Luckily the petite sœur who is great with buildings came over for a visit, and soon she & I were looking for pieces based on the way the buildings line up or look in elevation. There might have been some perspective in there as well! 🙂 We had the pieces in place in no time. I am glad I didn’t finish the puzzle on my own. This way it was way more fun!! Grazie, petite sœur!