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Recently I went to the DeSerres art store with ma petite sœur looking to buy some art supplies or even one of the adult colouring books that are so popular these days but found this!! A jigsaw puzzle with a shot of Positano, Italy. I gave a squeal of joy on recognizing this beautiful place.  The 500 pieces are big, so it was easy to finish till I hit the buildings in the picture. 😦 It was going to be a long process. Luckily the petite sœur who is great with buildings came over for a visit, and soon she & I were looking for pieces based on the way the buildings line up or look in elevation. There might have been some perspective in there as well! 🙂 We had the pieces in place in no time. I am glad I didn’t finish the puzzle on my own. This way it was way more fun!! Grazie, petite sœur!